CAAN calling-up tender for ground handling service at GBIA

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) is going to call tender for allocating ground handling service at Gautam Buddha International Airport (GBIA) in Bhairahawa which is currently a fast paced construction national pride project.

Though flag carrier Nepal Airlines (NAC) had been claiming to that the corporation would be doing ground handling service, CAAN has decided to go through completion by calling up the tender.

There is provision of giving 15% of royalty to the CAAN from the earning from Ground handling service and giving direct contract to NAC would procure loss as they would only receive 15% of royalty. Thus, CAAN is calling tender and will provide contract to the company which will provide more percentage of royalty to the authority.

NAC has been earning more than NRs. 3 billion through ground handling service of country’s sole international airport Tribhuvan International airport (TIA) and has been claiming to provide same service at GBIA as they have received certificate of ISAGO (IATA safety audit for ground operations).

Official of the corporation has stated that only NAC is able to provide such service and should be given to them without any other process. The official also stated that even if CAAN calls up for tender, certain terms should be applied.

As per CAAN, the companies should apply for tender if they meet ‘experience of interest’ as per CAAN and should provide technical and economical application. The company which receives more point will win the tender.
CAAN is also set to call tender for Flight catering as well which will provide food in-flight.

The construction work is directly under supervision of Tourism Minister (MoCTCA) Rabindra Adhikari. Construction Company has stated to bring runway into operation from June end of 2019. According to the authority, the runway, taxiway, parking and apron attained more than 58 per cent of the physical progress lately.

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