CAAN gearing up for expansion of Civil Aviation Academy

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) is in progress to boost the agency’s capacity to establish more civil aviation company by enlarging Civil Aviation Academy of Nepal and producing ample and skilled manpower.

CAAN was set up more than four decade ago in the aim of developing expert aviation personnel mainly for the control tower and fire-fighting at all airports around the country. CAAN is accountable for safety of aircraft, air passengers and airports. It allocates the airlines to operate in different destination under the guidelines of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

CAAN is planning to promote the institution in worldwide by introducing trainees from abroad.

According to the source, CAAN plans to system the new Civil Aviation Academy in Thimi in an area spread over 189ropanis of land where separate buildings for training correlated to Air Traffic Service (ATS), aeronautical engineering and rescue will be constructed.

Birendra Shrestha, spokesperson for CAAN stated that the academy is full of activity reassigning ownership of land at the planned spot currently. “We will begin the construction of indispensable building as soon as the first phase is completed”, he added.

At present, Civil Aviation Academy can train only 16 people at once under each heading like rescue, aviation security and ATS, among others.

The government has been gearing up for the operation of new and existing domestic airports at various districts of the Nepal however, the sole aviation regulator body CAAN will face difficulty towards the handling of Aircraft Rescue and fire-fighting operations at those airports following the lack of resources. Keeping in mind that the operation of more domestic airports require ample technical & human resources, CAAN is stepping forward to expand its training capacity.

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