CAAN grounds NAC’s Instructor Pilot and Co-Pilot for neglecting SOP

A Senior Instructor Pilot (IP) and Co-Pilot belonging to National Flag Carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has been taken off the roster by CAAN following the negligence of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Highly placed source at TIA revealed the information that the arrival international traffic at Kathmandu was Jet Airways operating its Boeing B738 aircraft inbound schedule flight for Kathmandu from Mumbai which was acknowledged for landing at Kathmandu airstrip, meanwhile the Harbin Y12-E of NAC was requested to hold at Kirtipur airspace, by the Kathmandu Airport ATC.

But, Senior IP Capt. Ang Noori Shrerpa and Co-Piloy Robin KC, who were on the flight deck on Harbin Y12-E Pokhara-Kathmandu inbound flight vigorously lined up at Koteshwor airspace for TIA RWY-02 approach without the ATC’s permit and avoiding the international arrival air traffic.

The Jet Airways aircraft was arriving at the TIA from the north for its final approach at Kathmandu airstrip, similarly NAC aircraft under command of Capt. Noori was heading north in Kathmandu airspace via west for landing without ATC’s permission.

Immediately after ATC’s nearsighted the Capt. Noori negligence and the Captain directed his aircraft over southern belt of runway around Koteshwor airspace. ATC then articulated the request to International arrival air traffic (Jet Airways) to initiate a go-around while forcefully granted the landing permission for NAC aircraft. The incident took place on August 28 this year.

Jet Airways’ has filed a written complaint at TIA management prompting CAAN to ground Captain Noori and Co-pilot Robin KC until the probe committee’s report is out.

Similarly, NAC is preparing to carry out a test flight of its Chinese made Harbin Y-12E aircraft to the world’s extreme airport, Lukla Airport after the end of this monsoon season under the command of Captain Ang Noori Sherpa.

NAC has allocated Captain Ang Noori Sherpa on Jestha 26, this year in the contract for four year on the designation of Senior IP. Presently, NAC pays around 1 Million monthly to Capt. Noori.

A two member of committee led by Nabina Karmacharya, Director at Air Saftey Standard Department, comprising Captain DR Niraula as member of the panel, has been assigned to probe into the incident.

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