CAAN instructed to implement new rate for shops & space at TIA

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has instructed Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) to implement new rental for the shops, space and infrastructures leased at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). PAC has asked CAAN to eradicate the leased infrastructure within 2 months and implement newer lease rate with the bids from companies.

PAC instructs CAAN to implement the new rate to those shops and leased infrastructures whose contract period has expired.

Likewise, PAC has also ordered CAAN to anyhow collect the pending airport service charge from various airlines as the service charge stands more than Nrs. Billion. CAAN is also instructed to solve the court issues of the companies.

Besides, CAAN has to blacklist the operating and non-operating airlines who have failed to clear the airport service charges and expedite the process of collecting the hefty service charge.

PAC has questioned CAAN about their strategy on collecting the dues however, the aviation regulatory body of Nepal is seen feeble in the issue. Majority of the members of PAC are unsatisfied with the approach as they have been criticizing the efforts made by CAAN.

Director General of CAAN Mr. Sanjeev Gautam presented strategical report to the committee and after reviewing it, the officers from PAC have instructed to execute the plans as soon as possible.

PAC has also asked the intention of the government whether to collect dues from Immigration Office and Nepal Airlines Corporation or diminish their pending charges.

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