CAAN introduces policy to recruit Nepali pilots & engineers only within 5 years

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has enforced the rules to the Nepali airline companies to hire Nepalese pilots, engineers, and other staffs to operate its aircraft within the next five years.

Rajan Pokharel, Deputy Director General of Civil Aviation Safety Regulation Directorate, CAAN stated that the authority has implemented the policy in order to strengthen employment opportunities to Nepalese as well as to solve the major problem in aviation sector i.e lack of pilots.

CAAN has set up the policy to hire Nepalese pilots within the next five years for Nepalese airlines companies to be implemented from 2018.

Deputy Director Pokharel said that many airlines companies have been facing problems of pilots and engineers and have to hire foreign employees.

According to the system, within five years of operations of the airline companies, it has to recruit Nepalese citizens as pilots and engineers. If the airline companies procure the new and different type of aircraft then they are allowed to hire foreign crews, however, all Nepalese crews must be appointed within 5 years.

Currently, Nepalese airlines companies operating domestic and international flights have been hiring foreign pilots especially, helicopter companies. As per policy, foreign pilots and engineers are expected to be displaced completely within 5 years.

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