CAAN invites bid for the installation of X-Ray Machine at Bharatpur & Janakpur Airport

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) Communication and Navigation Aid Department (CNAD) invites the electronic bid from the eligible bidders for the supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of hold baggage inspection X-Ray Machine at Bharatpur and Janakpur Airport.

The introduction of X-Ray Machine will definitely boost the security standards of the airports to some extent. Dhangadhi, Simara and Bhadrapur are among the airports that have been facilitated with X-Ray Scanners recently.

Janakpur Airport which started its operation from 1960 still lacks adequate and efficient airport infrastructures. The airport is among the oldest airport of Nepal. However, the facilities of toilet, drinking water, waiting room and electrical services along with security essentials are at its worst situation. Janakpur Airport is under the enhancement process as new terminal building is under construction and due to complete within a year.

Likewise, Bharatur Airport is also requiring strong security measures as there has been increase in arrival of VIP and VVIPs and lack of security measures at Bharatpur airport has raised threat to security. The problem is now a huge matter of concern for administration as the management authorities are facing problems in controlling crowd during visit of such high level personnel.

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