CAAN invites sealed bids for “Flight Inspection of CNS & Visual Aid Equipment at Different Airports in Nepal”

CNS (Communication, Navigation and Surveillance) Planning and Development Department from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) invites sealed bids from the eligible bidders for Flight Inspection of CNS and Visual Aid Equipment at Different Airports in Nepal.

The CNS and Visual Aid Equipment needs to be inspected and tested at various occasions to verify the well operation of such equipments. So, CAAN is inviting international eligible bidders this year for the flight inspection with Bid Notice No. ICB-01/CNS/074/75.

Spokesperson for CAAN Mr. Birendra Prasad Shrestha said, “The CNS and Visual Aid Equipments at the airport must be inspected yearly which is under the standard checklist of manufacturing company. So, we are inviting bids from eligible bidders who can dispatch their aircraft to various airports in Nepal for the inspection.”

An airport’s Visual and Navigational Aids (NAVAIDS) primary function is to assist pilots in the safe and efficient movement of aircraft during landing, takeoff and taxiing maneuvers. It is therefore very important to have all CNS, Visual and Navigational Aids (such as PAPI lights, rotating beacons, control systems, airport, runway and taxiway lights, etc) working properly and maintained in good condition.

Under the CNS and Visual Aid Equipment inspection, the selected bidder will dispatch its small aircraft to communicate with the NAVAIDS and CNS equipment of different airports of Nepal and finally prepare a detail report of the current situation of such equipments.

The details of the bid notice are as follows : (available in official website of CAAN)



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