CAAN Likely To Carryout ASA With Four Countries For The First Time

CAAN Likely To Carryout ASA With Four Countries For The First Time

Recently, Government of Nepal and Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) notified that Nepal will carry out Air Service Agreement (ASA) with South Africa, Australia, Vietnam and Cambodia for the first time inorder to expand its international flights to more destinations as with the increase in number of passengers every year.


Currently, No any commercial direct flights have been conducted from these 4 countries. Therefore, for the first time CAAN is going to have ASA with these four countries so that tourism of Nepal will be promoted and March towards the path of prosperity and progress. CAAN and Government of Nepal haven’t fixed the particular date for carrying out ASA.

Every year, thousands of students go to Australia for study and more than 15,000 tourists come from Australia to visit Nepal. From South Africa too many tourists, civilians come to Nepal.  Similarly, several Buddhists pilgrims come to visit Nepal from Vietnam and Cambodia as Lord Gautama Buddha was born in Nepal.

At the present, 26 international airliners conduct its flight to Nepal. After this ASA, particular airliners of these countries will be granted permission to conduct their daily flights/scheduled flights to Nepal which will increase from 26 to 30 international airliners serving Nepal.



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