CAAN New Practice; Rising Era Of Slavery In Nepal Aviation

CAAN New Practice; Rising Era Of Slavery In Nepal Aviation

Kathmandu – 25 September 2016

Surprisingly, on 19 September 2016, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), perhaps subsequently witnessing a trend of pilots and engineers switching from one respective airline to another in pursuit of job satisfaction or perhaps had to resign due to certain circumstances – which for an individual airline impacted to sustain a scarce of qualified manpower, apparently produced a reverse thrust in smooth operation has eventually delivered a new directive, stressing on “bond” consignment  between pilots and engineers to their respective company and further screams out a year longevity per-information notice regarding resigning job to an airline for whatsoever reason.

To give a born to this new regulation by CAAN is to establish the stability factor on crew members with their respective airline, developing camaraderie among the airlines, and anticipating to generate jet thrust in operation with no any halts is likely to backfire as to monitor just from airlines perspective is to fly in the teeth of those individual’s vision, who are literally thirsty for a progressive move in their job career, imposing them to work irrespective of reluctance’s, dragging inevitable repercussions at working environment sooner or later.

The newly appointed Tourism Minister Mr. Jeeban Bahadur Shahi, who believes this new protocol of a year prior notice implementation would refrain unsound competitions of the airlines, likewise rises aviation safety standards apparently seems to make a dead-stick landing as to handcuff a vital man powers, imposing them to follow the track in accordance of airline norms despite not being into confront zone with specify airline would certainly triggers not allocating human factor in account that frames threat alarm in safety issue.

To make candid words about this very new system is indicating the rising era of slavery in Nepal aviation that will ultimately cause retrogressive impact to aviation industries, invariable conflict by personnel with company to make them work against their will for long span of time before they quit. To stress pilots and engineers with such protocol and force them to follow the command is to inject a mental fatigue on their brain, which is more like to wound own soldier before war. Such mental fatigue can lead to have any mishap during flight or during maintenance hours.

An implementation of this system is to propel efficiency in an airlines operation and to standardize in safety, however utterly bars the perspective of pilots and engineers, and reasons that dragging them not to be stable with respective airline for the long run, so who is going to speak in support of them?

On behalf of the pilots and engineers who have been working in an airline under this stress, play a significant role in the safe operation of the respective airline. The evident issues of Crew Coordination and crew resource management (CRM) that can be shattered by this means of slavery system may lead into a serious kind of disaster because anyone under a mental or physical pressure, especially in aviation system cannot be tolerated. For the flag carriers of any airlines, the pilots and engineers who are supposed to endure any risks that may arise on their way, and have to cope with extensive workload, information and error management, this kind of stress the airlines is brining them will ruin all the dedication he/she would have towards the company or job.

If we seek the perspective of pilots and engineering’s which our authorities have overlooked carries a story that is worth to stand for as a consequence to weight on airline to upgrade the level of standard they have been providing to its pilots and engineers to meet what they credit to deserve.

Authorities’ shaky maneuver

The concerned authorities in spite of carrying preconceived notion, rather have to play the role of parental figure that must know the skin of both airline companies as well as of pilots and engineering’s , accumulate empirical evidence from both sides, figure out the loopholes, and then have to play with full deck, balancing both the sides.

Government chanting this biased aviation system will invite a bad omen for aviation industry. Therefore, it is definitely a positive leap to change before it’s too late. The CAAN’s preparation of draft to implement this law should be rethought and redesigned. Our aviation authorities’ should be progressive towards development of aviation and not its destruction.

It’s a high time for CAAN and respective Tourism ministry that they must amend onto this system, which presently in the eyes of general plays like they have swung only on side that led to generate this system just in airlines company favor. This new system, neither equilibrates nor justifies, rather looks like being strongly speaking on behalf of airlines.

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