CAAN Notice Regarding Recently Laser Broadcast Aimed At An Airbus 320 Aircraft Of Nepal Airlines

CAAN Notice Regarding Recently Laser Broadcast Aimed At An Airbus 320 Aircraft Of Nepal Airlines

Kathmandu – 24 August 2016

Tribhuvan International Airport, for the first time faced an activity of Laser broadcast aimed at an Airbus 320 aircraft of Nepal Airlines while the pilots were commencing their final approach procedures. This even got a rapid attraction all over the Nepali media and individuals relating to a serious security threat in the sole international airport of Nepal. Green lasers aimed the cockpit of 9N-AKW which was Kathmandu bound from Bangkok emerged from the vicinity of Jadibuti, Koteshwor area last Friday evening.

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Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has also taken this matter a serious act of terror and issued a notice today regarding this incident warning anyone involved in this act to stop any kind of actions like this in coming days. The notice has included the event description and warnings to anyone involved in this act be legally punished if this kind of activity repeats again.

Laser emission towards cockpit can temporarily incapacitate pilots, especially in the crucial phase of flight i.e. in landing phase that may lead to a fatal incident in future. Therefore this kind of activity should be strictly prohibited in the vicinity of airport that may be a cause of serious incident.

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