CAAN preparing helipad designs for every VDCs of Nepal

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) is preparing to facilitate all the village development committee (gaunpalika) with the helipad for which necessary design work is going on.

The government of Nepal is planning to construct a helipad in every village with the aim of providing effective rescue operation and evacuation. Besides, it is also expected to enhance the tourism industry.

Director General of CAAN Mr. Sanjeev Gautam on a 75/76 budget interaction program said that every village will be equipped with helipad if the local government (gaunpalika) requests CAAN. However, the construction cost is to be managed by the local authority as CAAN will only provide necessary technical assistance.

The helipad design which will be completed soon will be presented to the Ministry for further approvals. Construction of one helipad costs around Nrs 3million as it needs to be made concrete.

Many of the remote areas feature helipad however, they require effectual enhancement. Airline officials report that the existing helipads at different parts of the country don’t feature the necessary facilities so, the respective authority must take keen consideration to it.

Airline Operators Association of Nepal (AOAN) has also shown positive response towards government initiative towards establishing helipad at every village.

Helicopters have become the single most important mode of transport in the remote villages of Nepal. The country features difficult landscapes, terrains and unpredictable weather phenomena. So, the operations of helicopters like Airbus H125 have proved to be eminent.

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