CAAN Press Meet: Aviation Industry of Nepal gets rid from Safety Tag of ICAO

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) conducted a press meet today addressing the preliminary reports of the International Civil Aviation Organization Coordinated Validation Mission (ICVM) conducted from 4th to 11th July here in Nepal. The press meet was conducted under the presence of highly ranked officials from CAAN, different airline operators and media personnel. Managing Director of Nepal Airlines Mr. Sugat Ratna Kansakar also attended the program along with officials from flight safety department.

The officials from CAAN provided the briefing of ICAO ICVM objectives, its importance and the global safety reports through the power point presentation.

The two-member experts from ICAO along with officials from Flight Safety Department of Nepal executed the aviation safety audit in Nepal and the preliminary report dispatched by ICAO was received by CAAN today. As per the report, the aviation industry of Nepal is delighted to know that the significant safety concern (SSC) issued to Nepal during ICVM in July 2013 has been resolved.


The audit was carried out mainly on four areas namely legislation, organization, flight operation and airworthiness. The ICVM team visited the facility of Nepal Airlines Corporation and Himalaya Airlines for the detail reporting of significant safety concerns.

CAAN reported that removal of safety tag by ICAO is a huge achievement for us but we need to show our continuous dedication towards the aviation safety. An official from CAAN also said, “We express our gratitude to all the supporters, airline operators, media personnel and government for all the improvements”.

Nepalese aviation got rid of red safety tag from ICAO however; blacklisting from European Union (EU) is yet to be removed. As per CAAN, they are working deliberately to address the safety concern raised by EU so that the Nepalese aviation can be freed from the ban as soon as possible. For this, the Nepalese Aviation must go through various challenges such as sustainability, implementation of state safety program and institutional reform of civil aviation system.



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