CAAN re-issues payment notice to Airlines including UNMIN

CAAN re-issues payment notice to companies
More than 6 dozens of different airliners and companies have failed to pay charges to be paid to Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA); the fess under different services and topics. A heavy sum of around NRs. 838 Million is to be paid to TIA at present by 74 different airliners, companies and firms. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has issued a 30 days’ notice to clear the pending fees to the concerned companies recently after the companies failed to pay the charges continuously.
The airport authority under CAAN has been collecting parking fees, landing fees, air navigation fees, airport development fees, space rent, etc. with the airliners, companies and firms operating under TIA. The TIA authority collects One thousand Rupees to each international traveler as airport service charge that is automatically derived into airport’s account as soon as a ticket including TIA is issued. In case the companies fail to pay the remaining amount within this deadline of 30 days TIA also inhibits the right to force collect the amount by blocking the operation of airlines and companies.
Some of the airlines that failed to pay the fees to TIA have already suspended their operation in Nepal whose payment now is very uncertain.
UNMIN also in the list of group to pay TIA
TIA has to collect around NRs. 2 Million from United Nation body UNMIN which has already vanished from Nepal. UNMIN was especially active during the counter insurgency phase of Nepal but have already been moved out immediately after the peace was restored. Similarly, it is going to be very difficult for TIA to collect the pending fess from other companies as well because many of those have already shut the operation in Nepal already.

The following are the list of companies and their pending fees

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