CAAN restricts NAC’s Captain Awale from flying plane

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has decided to halt the flight permission of a senior pilot of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) Captain Subarna Awale who got arrested with a huge amount of undeclared American dollar (US$ 93,600) from the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) on April last year but was freed on bail a week later.

According to the decision, he will not be able to fly the aircraft unless he is cleared of that charge.

After the recommendation of the Committee along with necessary investigation, the regulatory body CAAN decided not to give authorization.

The committee formed under the coordination of the health superintendent of the authority, Dr. Khagendra Shrestha has informed General Director Sanjeev Gautam about the report.

Authorized physicians examined Captain Awale’s health and psychological conditions and declared him unfit for flying stating that he may have mental stress due to being charged with criminal act.

Rajan Pokharel, Deputy General Manager of CAAN said “We have sent information regarding our decision to NAC. Captain Awale will not be able to fly the aircraft until he is released from prosecution.”

Awale, 56, who started his job in the corporation by flying a Twin otter about 30 years ago, then as the trainer Pilot had started flying ‘Boeing 757’. For the last two years, he was working as a senior captain of the Airbus 320.

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