CAAN takes action against NAC’s sleeping pilot

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has taken action against Nepal Airlines Corporation’s (NAC) Instructor Pilot Nagraj Sankarmurti. CAAN has banned IP Nagraj to operate flights.

Around a week ago, Instructor Pilot Nagraj photo of sleeping during flight became viral in social media. He was found taking nap during Kathmandu-Dubai flight in NAC narrow-body Airbus A320 leaving flight control to co-pilot.

During the flight, there were total of 165 people onboard.

Pilot Nagraj is an Indian citizen who had previously worked in Himalaya Airlines. He was fired by the airlines for similar action during his tenure at the airlines.

Some officials from NAC states that the pilot Nagraj is very hesitant about his job and has been found doing similar action frequently. The officials had asked to take action previously and now CAAN has finally taken the action.

CAAN has grounded pilot Nagraj to operate any flights now and he has taken leave from the corporation. CAAN has asked the corporation to make detail report about the incident and present it to the authority.

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