CAAN temporarily suspends Manang Air flight operation

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has instructed Manang Air to completely stop flight operation until further notice. This step has been taken in reference to AS350B3e helicopter ‘9N-AMV’ accident at Hilsa on 14th August 2018 which killed one Indian person.

The mishap took place at Hilsa helipad when an Indian pilgrim Nagendra Kumar Kartik Meheta got struck by the tail rotor after disembarking from the helicopter.

This accident has alarmed authorities on taking initiatives for preventing such incidents. So, CAAN has issued a temporary suspension order until an investigation is concluded by the authorities.

It has been reported that while disembarking, Mr. Meheta turned back and then moved towards left position of the helicopter. A guide who was one of the passengers yelled but the Indian man continued moving towards the back part and got struck by tail rotor resulting spot death.

The pilot then contacted Chief engineer and company’s chairman through the satellite phone and requested another helicopter for rescue.

CAAN has already dispatched technical team for the necessary investigations.


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