CAAN to break down into two government bodies

CAAN - aviationnepal
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CAAN to break down into two government bodies

November 15, 2016 – Kathmandu

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) to be divided into two divisions. As per the suggestion given by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the authority is planned to be divided to make management more reliable and efficient.

Air Navigation system (ANS) and Aerodrome operation division will be handled separately but the name of the division is till not decided. According to the new regulation provided by CAAN, the new division must have an executive director or head.

ICAO had earlier alerted CAAN that it had not been implementing its own formulated rules due to which regulations had been occurring. Likewise, the safety issues had been quite on risk, so in order to cope with the longing safety problems, CAAN has decided to get divided.

CAAN -aviationnepal

The new department will handle the licensing of Airline Company and amendment of regulations.CAAN will only handle planning from now on. And, the new authority will likely work and look after the airline companies according to the plans and perspectives provided by CAAN. The rules formulation committee has been headed by the assistant secretary Mr. Buddhisagar Lamichhane and the committee has decided by bring in the draft to the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation.

The only remaining agreement would be on how the new authority will be funded. There are two options for it, one would be the government providing the fund and the other would be to pass down some of the income earned to the new division. The decision would depend on the Minister and both the options are written in the draft.
After the new law in passed, the formation of the authority will be changed. Four members were previously brought in other than CAAN before but they will not be in the board.

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