Captain and first officer of two different airline incapacitated during flight

A Norwegian Long Haul Boeing 787-800 performing flight from Fort Lauderdale, FL (USA) to Copenhagen (Denmark) with 266 people on board, was en-route over the Atlantic Ocean about 3 hours before reaching the Irish west coast, when the first officer declared PAN reporting a crew member had become incapacitated.

The first officer diverted the aircraft to Shannon (Ireland) for a safe landing assisted by another pilot on board. The aircraft remained on the ground for about 4 hours, then continued and reached Copenhagen with a delay of 3.5 hours.

The captain, who suffered multiple seizures, was taken to a hospital. The airline reported the captain fell ill and was replaced in Shannon. The flight resumed afterwards.

Similarly, A Finnair Airbus A321-200 performing flight from Helsinki to Ivalo (Finland) with 186 passengers, was en-route at FL370 about 130nm north of Helsinki when the first officer became ill prompting the captain to take control and return the aircraft to Helsinki, where the aircraft landed safely about one hour after departure and about 30 minutes after turning around.

The first officer was taken to a hospital. The airline reported the first officer developed a medical condition, nothing serious that was deemed prudent to return and pick up another first officer. A replacement first officer was called in from stand by.

The aircraft departed again after about 80 minutes on the ground and reached Ivalo with a delay of 2:20 hours.

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