Captain Srawan Rijal and Captain Vijay Lama become first Nepalese Instructor on A330

Captain Srawan Rijal and Captain Vijay Lama receive a warm welcome by Bahrain’s expat community after completion of their instructor training in Airbus A330 wide body aircraft.

The captain duo have become the first Nepalese pilots to become instructors of Airbus A330 aircraft.

Before this there were no Nepalese instructors in this particular type of aircraft and it is believed that the addition of two Nepalese instructors will help Nepal airlines to train remaining of its copilots in an efficient manner.

Some Airbus A330 copilots have waited more than a decade in line for their captain training and Y12 and MA-60 pilots have not received any flights from past year after the Airlines management decided not to operate the Chinese aircrafts, causing the pilots of Y-12 and MA-60 aircrafts to be on ground for long.

This achievement is indeed a historical milestone in Nepalese aviation and lets hope the coming days for Nepal Airlines will be better.

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