Career Opportunity at Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has announced vacancy for different level post from assistant to director. CAAN has published a vacancy announcement on Gorkhapatra daily demanding a total of 141 individuals for 34 various posts.

The vacancy posts are for Administration, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, Air Traffic Controller (ATC), Accountant, Tax/Revenue, Technical Engineer, Aviation Fire Service and so on.

The vacancy post was published on Mangsir 6 (22 November) and the deadline for the submission of the application is Poush 6 (21 December). The authority has stated a Hundred rupees (Rs.100) charge for the application form. Similarly, for the application for the post of director CAAN has stated Eleven Hundred rupees (Rs. 1100), One Thousand (Rs. 1000) for assistant director, Nine Hundred (Rs. 900) for ninth level and so on. Three hundred rupees have been set for the third assistant level.

 The detail information can be obtained from the vacancy advertisement published on Gorkhapatra Daily today.



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