Carelessness and carelessness (TIA)

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Photo Source: Acharya Rajaram

Carelessness and carelessness (TIA)

January 20, 2017-Kathmandu

100 activists gathered around the office of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) on Tuesday to express their dissatisfaction towards the treatment of animals recently at the Tribhuvan International Airport.Recently, a dog tried to enter the runway as an aircraft was about to take off when it was shot dead mercilessly by the security professional at the airport.

The runway has always been carelessly managed and on top of it, lays the problem of dogs and monkeys that run haphazardly and enter TIA vicinity through unbound seals.

While constant criticism and poking to the airport management about how these things are dangerous, no action seems to be taken by the airport rather it is being lashed out for improper security and corruption which hints towards how the officials are unwary about such a serious matter of aviation safety.

The protesters demanded that killing an innocent animal in such a rash way is not the solution, but rather more moral and provocative action which comes under good and regulatory system should be implemented.

There are 21, 856 stray dogs in the capital through which it can be analyzed that they sum to be quite an unnoticeable problem which is not taken care of. They run randomly in various places and not any government body or organization is responsible for the animals.The stray dogs run haphazard in the capital and create problem like defecating in the public areas which include the footpaths around Singha Durbar but running inside an airport, that too on the runway is highly dangerous.

Previously, the problems of dogs at the runway have concurred repeatedly which invited almost deadly accidents and casualties. Despite planning of usual maintenance and checks, it seems there is no development towards the thing that matters.

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