Cathay Pacific rebrands Dragonair as Cathay Dragon

Cathay Pacific rebrands Dragonair as Cathay Dragon

It’s been an around 10 year, since than Dragonair has been connected with Cathay Pacific Group and both airlines has been working  in very healthy environment , serving from Hong Kong, until now around to the 200 destination around the globe. Finally, Now they have moved to the next level to deliver high standards of service, keeping in mind the luxury environment to passengers in-flight   to their maximum effort.

As the Cathay pacific Group continues to grow larger, they finally have embraced Dragoair to its journey and proclaimed that it’s a great opportunity to become stronger, bringing the two airlines brand close together.

Begun of new Era with a new livery

The livery has been redesigned to show the connection between  Cathay Pacific and Dragonair to the close look with Cathay Pacific. The aircraft will be rebranded as Cathay Dragon and two airlines will continue to be operated apart under their own individual license, but the both airlines will work on partnership.

 Photo Courtesy : CNN

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