Cavity in the engine causes China Eastern to land back Sydney

Cavity in the engine causes China Eastern to land back Sydney

June 12, 2017-Sydney

A China Eastern Flight MU736 out bound to Shanghai from Sydney was landed back to the Australian Airport on June 11 late night. The pilot crew after being notified about the hole in the engine of the A330 aircraft had landed back the Airbus aircraft to Sydney for the safety percussion.

According to an online source, the A330-200 had already covered an hour long voyage when the pilot crew got aware about the defect in the left engine of the aircraft and then immediately rushed back to Sydney.

Many of the passengers reported that the aircraft took off with an unusual bang sound. The passengers had also reported about the burning scary smell to the Australian News Agencies. Majority of passengers flying with the seat closed to the left engine were anxious. Later Cabin Crew had emptied up the seat to calm down the panicked passengers.

The aircraft possess two Trent 700 series jet engine manufactured by Rolls Royce Company. A spokesperson from the engine manufacturer had reported the Australian Media that the company is aware about the incident and will work together with the airlines to find out the cause of the incident. Australian Aviation Authority is conducting an investigation on the incident. China Eastern’s spokesperson Zhang reported that comprehensive investigation would involve aviation authorities from Australia and China.

Professor Jason Middleton, an aviation expert from the University of New South Wales, said it was found that the engine cowling had been ripped away from main compressor blade. No one is aware how the damage starts when this happen, he added.

Entire passengers were allocated with hotel room by the airlines and were on boarded to Shanghai with the early flight of China Eastern this morning.

There were no any injuries reports from the A330 aircraft.

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