Cessna 310 crashes into Southern California Home

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Cessna 310 crashes into Southern California Home

February 28, 2017- Los Angeles

Cessna 310 carrying five people crashed into a Riverside, California home on Monday evening. The crash caused four deaths and injured as many as five others.
The Fire Chief Michael Moore said that at least two other people are being treated at Riverside hospitals during a press meet on Monday night. He had also added that two homes were destroyed by the crash and additional five individuals were missing.

Federal Aviation Administration has identified the aircraft as a Cessna 310 which was carrying a San Jose couple along with their three teenage children home after a cheerleading competition which had crashed into a house in Riverside at 4:45 p.m. local time (7:45 p.m. ET).

A spokesman for the FAA, Ian Gregory reported that the plane had fallen down about a half-mile to the northeast direction of Riverside Municipal Airport, which lies around 60 miles east of Los Angeles. The crash resulted on spreading debris as far as a kilometer away from the crash site with choking smoke swirling into the sky.

Source reported that the fuel tank of the Cessna aircraft was fully loaded which prompted the fire to burn till11 p.m. ET. The entire families living in the residential block as many as 40 houses were removed from the crash site.

Elizabeth Espinoza, residential at the block reported that she was just looking outside her window and viewed a green plane falling rapidly and later crashed and exploded on the ground.

It was a big crash and had even shocked the ground beneath her feet, she added.

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