Cessna 650 Citation 7 crashes in Ataturk International Airport

Cessna 650 Citation 7 with four people on board ran off a runway and erupted into flames at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport.

The crash incident occurred last night at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport.

The plane had taken off for flying Cyprus from the airport minutes earlier heading for the north but was soon detected with a technical malfunction compelling it to abort the flight and return back.

Thus the aircraft burst into flames after running off the runway but the onboard passenger and crew somehow managed to escape but their condition is yet unknown states an online Turkish Media.

The aircraft careered off the runway while landing and then burst into fire. The jet’s rear end was observed to be detached from the aircraft.

It was reported that the entire pilot crew, flight attendant, stewardess and a passenger were able to escape the crash.

Cessna 650 Citation 7 was registered as TC-KON – a private aircraft which was identified by FlightRadar24.

The aircraft was based at Ataturk Airport and had a seating capacity of operating six passengers and flight staff.

Civil Aviation Authority of Turkey has decided to investigate the crash incident to find out the cause of the crash.

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