Chair Airlines wet-leased 737 from Enter Air

The Swiss-based carrier Chair Airlines began wet-leasing a B737-800 from its Polish parent, Enter Air, on 21st July 2021.

The Boeing aircraft SP-ESE(MSN 30688) was transported from Antalya to the Chair base in Zurich on the morning of the 21st July; the aircraft made its first revenue flight on the evening of the same day from Zurich to Skopje. 

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Chair Airlines photo captured by Michael Ettlin
Chair Airlines photo captured by Michael Ettlin

Enter Airlines, which owns 49% of stakes at Chair Airlines, currently has  24 Boeing 737-800 models and two Boeing 737-8s. The Polish carrier also plans to extend the Boeing aircraft in its fleet with an additional six of the B737-8s in coming years. 

Maintenance Mishap

Chair Airlines operated two of the Airbus A319-100 models; however, the airlines had three of the A319-100s variants in the fleet. One of them was damaged beyond repair during a maintenance process at Naples Capodichino in the mid-2020. The third aircraft registered as HB-JOH collided with the maintenance hangar door, taking irreversible damage.  

The dropping down to the fleet with just two aircraft was a clear disadvantage for the leisure airlines; however, Chair Airlines didn’t bother to fill the gap of the lost Airbus HB-JOH right away as the Covid-19 pandemics drastically reduced the demand for air travel in the year. But, now, as the aviation industry is slowly improving and emerging to grasp its previous feat, the Swiss airlines has recognized the need for additional aircraft to meet expected market demand for the peak season.

The wet-leasing of the Boeing aircraft to its fleet can be recognized as the strategy of the small-carrier airlines to fill the slot left by the lost Airbus A319-100 aircraft. Having an insufficient number of aircraft that can’t meet the market demand can adversely affect the airlines for its future initiatives and commitments.

The newly welcomed Boeing 737, registered as SP-ESE 737, will probably be taking flights under the Chair Airlines from summer 2021. The Chair’s logo will temporarily cover the Enter Air livery of the received aircraft during the wet-leasing period.

Germania Flug To Chair Airlines

The leisure carrier, which was founded in August 2014, had initially started its service under the brand ‘Germania Flug’ as a joint venture between Berlin-based airlines Germania and the Swiss leisure specialist. The airline was established to provide high-quality products and services that match the needs of the demanding Swiss market.

However, due to the bankruptcy faced by Germania, it was dissolved in February 2019. The collapse of Germania hadn’t affected the Swiss subsidiary airlines, but in order to avoid the negative publicity staying connected with the Berlin-based airlines, Germania Flug decided to have a fresh start with the new carrier ‘Chair Airlines’, which was established in  June 2019.

The name ‘Chair’ was picked for the new carrier as it represented literally the seat passengers booked on airline’s flight and the different colors used in the livery of the airlines, red for the ‘Ch’ and blue painted ‘Air’ embodied the inheritance of Swiss heritage in ist service.

Since its establishment, leisure airlines has been transporting passengers to popular travel destinations in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Due to the airline’s close relationship with the Swiss travel industry and connections with the widespread network of officers and agencies, Chair Airlines is adept at the changes and focuses on expanding its network to provide diverse and best quality services to its passengers.

Parent- Enter Airlines

The leisure carrier’s parent company, Enter Airlines,  is also a newly established entity; founded in November 2009, the airline’s first flight took off on 25th April 2010. Enter airlines is one of Poland’s biggest and best charter airlines and ranks second in the regional category.

The charter airlines has seven permanent operational bases in Europe like Frederic Chopin Airport- Warsaw, Pyrzowice Airport- Katowice, Lawica Airport- Poznan, Charles de Gaulle Airport- Paris, Ben Gurion International Airport- Tel-Aviv, including bases at London Gatwick and Bristol. Also, connecting other Polish cities like Gdańsk, Cracow, Łódź, and Bydgoszcz, it is widely known for its services to holiday destinations like Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, and Spain.

The airline’s innovative approaches and strategies, experienced crew members, and high standard services that meet the Polish service standards have led Enter Airlines to secure a leading position in the country’s charter market. 

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