Chandragadhi Airport soon featuring VOR/DME

Installation work of VOR/DME equipment at Chandragadhi Airport (VNCG), one of the busiest domestic airports in the Eastern part of the country is being paced up lately.

VOR/DME (radio navigation system which provides the angle between aircraft and station and gives the distance between aircraft and the station) equipment will help for operating flights at night and reduced visibility. Currently, installation of Air Field Light is being carried out stated airport official.

The airport has already been equipped with IFR technology that will help aircraft to use satellite technology for the landing and takeoff of aircraft. Currently the aircraft can easily land even with 2200 meter visibility.

RNAV (Area Navigation) GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Instrument Approach Procedure has also been established at Chandragadhi Airport to enhance the safety and efficiency of the aircraft operations and materialize the National PBN Implementation Plan of Nepal.

After the installation of the Air field lamp, the aircrafts will be able to land even at 1600 meters. Already Buddha and Yeti Airlines have applied for night flight at the airport and other airlines including Nepal airlines, Shree airlines etc. have also applied for night flight.

ATC officer of the airport states that with the facility of night flight, the air traffic will also be minimized.

Chandragadhi is one of the busiest domestic airports in the Eastern part of the country which will be featuring night flight operation from the beginning of the year 2019. Necessary preparations are underway for extending parking facility at the airport. Likewise, the extension of the runway and terminal building, improvement of airport drainage system and other beautification project are also going on at the airport.

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