Aviation Minister Shahi visits Chandragadi Airport

Photo: ATC TowerChandragadhi Domestic Airport

Aviation Minister Shahi visits Chandragadi Airport

February 2, 2017-Chandragadi

-Tamish Giri

Tourism minister Jeevan Bahadur Shahi today traveled to Eastern Nepal via Chandragadi airport. Minister investigated the airport premises soon after his arrival.

After the investigation, Minister Shahi expressed his joy on the progress made by the airport.

He added “Since eastern region of Nepal has potential to attract maximum tourists with its cultural and natural heritages, airport being the gateway of eastern region should focus on betterment of services to its passengers and attract maximum of them in number.”

He had also mentioned that request has been made to the airport authorities to be dedicated for the development of the airport and has also suggested for drafting him the development planning proposal of the airport.

Foggy weather continuously hits the airport

The airport was closed a day earlier due to poor visibility caused by the foggy weather.

One ATC officer reported that the hazy weather also affected operation today.  According to the officer, the airport remained closed till the afternoon.

The visibility at the airport remained only 2400 meter till noon.

The officer also mentioned that generally, the airport authority only allows the aircraft to operate with at least 3000 meters of visibility at the airport.

Chandragadi currently has 5000 meters of visibility and is waiting for the last scheduled flight for the day to operate.

In regular days, Chandragadi airport conducts one regular flight by Bombardier CRJ200 of Saurya Airlines, two by Bae Jetstream of Yeti Airlines and two by ATR-72 of Buddha Air.

Beside that, NAC occasionally conducts one flight via MA-60 to Chandragadhi.

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