Chandragdi Airport sees improvement with introduction of enhanced security screening systems

Chandragadi Civil Aviation Authority has put the safety throttle at maximum level to upgrade the services provided from the Chandragadi Airport. As per the airport officials, the airport authority has recently added the HEIMANN X-RAY INSPECTION SYSTEM manufactured by Smiths Detection at London, UK along with the five Closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) surveillance system at the airport premises.

X-ray Machine at Chandragadi

The airport has also added the Light signal gun at the airport Control Tower which enables an air traffic controller (ATC) to control aircraft with radio failure conditions.

According to the Airport Chief, Purna Prasad Chudal the newly installed X-Ray screening system will be live from Bhadra this year while the CCTV and the Light Signal Gun service have already been initiated. Some of the airport Terminal building and Departure Hall renovation work has also been carried out.

Construction Work at Chandragadhi

Chandragadi airport is being developed thoroughly. The airport will also be installing VOR/DME instruments. The instruments are likely to be installed within January 2018. Japanese engineers from JICA came to the airport to check for the feasibility of installation on January this year. Chandragadhi Airport has applied the application to CAAN to acquire 6 Bighas of Land at East Side towards Runway 26 to install the VOR/DME station, noted airport source. The installation work of VOR/DME is handed over to the Japan International Cooperation Agency – JICA the Japanese Company.

VOR/DME refers to mutual radio navigation station for airplane, which entails two radio beacons, located together, a VHF omnidirectional range (VOR) and distance measuring equipment (DME). VOR yields an angle between the station and the receiver in the aircraft, while DME does alike for range.

Chandragadi Airport (also known as Bhadrapur Airport) located at the south eastern part of Nepal features an asphalt runway of length of 1,209 meters by 29 meters (5000 feet ft) on an elevation of 313 feet (91 m) aligned to one runway designated 10/28 serving as one of the country’s busiest domestic airport. Chandragadhi Airport was established on November, 1963 in Bhadrapur, Jhapa which has been operating under Chandragadhi Civil Aviation Authority, Bhadrapur. The code provided for the airport by ICAO is “VNCG” and by IATAis “BDP”.


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