Chaurjahari Airport closed after Nepal Airlines removed its office

In 2028 BS, an airport was established in Chaurjahari to target the neighboring Jajarkot and Salyan districts. There was an issue with the aircraft landing on the runway, and the aircraft had not yet arrived at Chaurjahari after blacktopped.

The runway area was converted into a bush after, and the tower house was shut down. Previously, Nepal Airlines used to fly to the airport two days a week before blacktopped. Nepal Airlines has taken back its office from Chaurjahari, which manages ticketing, boarding, and other management work.

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Closure of Chaurjahari airport at Rukum cause inconvenience to passengers

The office was closed by the corporate team that came from Nepalgunj a week ago. All the office supplies at the airport are transferred to Nepalgunj. Kiran Man Shrestha, the company’s district manager, had come to Chaurjahari to remove the office himself.

Surendra Nepali, who had previously served as an assistant junior station in command, complained that his term for the contract had not been expanded. According to him, the flights from Kathmandu-Chaurjahari-Nepalgunj and Nepalgunj-Chaurjahari-Kathmandu were run before the blacktop. “If the flight is regular, passengers can get easily for flight,” he said, but the problem is that it is not regular.”

To the west of Rukum, there are two airports. There were daily flights to Chaurjahari before the airport building at Salle in Khalanga, the district headquarters. After the office was moved back to Nepalgunj, locals became more dissatisfied. Locals from Chaurjahari Municipality-1 said, “How can we believe that an aircraft will start the flight to this airport now after removing the office and taking the goods elsewhere?” They asked the officials to put the flight into service.

Karnali state assembly member Gopal Sharma said that the locals were deprived of amenities instead of being made more coordinated when the airport was closed. “There is no alternative to resuming service for the sick and disabled referred from Chaurajahari Hospital,” he added.

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