Chaurjahari airport closed again after NAC’s flight cancellation

Chaurjahari Airport in Rukum which came into operation nearly after being out of service for around 17 months has again been closed.

The airport has been out of operation for past 3 weeks now.

The airport which came into operation after 17 years after being blacktopped has been used by locals raising question about responsibility of airport officials and security personnel. People have been using the land of airport raising questions about airport security and administrative works.

Civil Aviation Authority official at Chaurajahari stated that he had came to Kathmandu during holidays and was unaware of the situation. He also stated that the problem will be solved with flight being operated soon.

The airport came into operation last October with Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) operating 2 weekly flights between Kathmandu to Chaurjahari and from Chaurjahari to Nepalgunj.

Before, the flight to airport was halted due to lack of aircraft as stated by airlines and now the same problem has emerged as the airline stated about lack of aircraft and pilots.

The closure of the airport due to lack of aircraft as stated by airlines had depressed locals of Jajarkot, Salyan, and Rukum and now the same problem is expected to arise.

A meeting of provincial government along with Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) decided to recommence the operation last year.

Rukum district features another airport named as Salley where NAC operates 2 flights a week. The corporation reduced its flight frequency from 4 flights a week to 2 flights at Rukum’s Salle Airport.

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