China and South Korea’s conflict causing flight halts between the countries

China and South Korea’s conflict causing flight halts between the countries

March 14, 2017-Beijing

Increasing diplomatic tensions between China and South Korea on the deployment of U.S. missile defense system are now threatening to sweep away air travel. At present, some airlines carriers have already started to suspend their popular flight connecting the countries.

Eastar Jet, South Korean’s budget airlines, reported on its website that the airline’s authority is canceling their flights from Cheongju to China’s Harbin, Ningbo and Jinjiang temporarily starting from March 15 through Oct. 28 because of the ongoing diplomatic problem amongst the countries.

Seoul-based Jin Air, a unit of Korean Air Lines Co., mentioned that it is reviewing all of its earlier flights booking made by the passengers connecting Jeju to Shanghai and Xian to avoid disruptions.

Spring Airlines Co., China’s biggest budget carrier, has already canceled all of its flights from Ningbo to Jeju for the duration of March 15 through Oct 26, and a spokesman reported that the changing market conditions have resulted in the airlines to take such action.

Jeju Air, a Korean budget airlines operator, reported that the airline’s request for conducting charter flight to the Ordos, Mongolia in March was rejected by the Chinese authorities.

The current ongoing tough diplomatic relation between the countries is likely to cut down the revenue of the airlines along with travel agencies, tour packages and cruise ships of both the East Asian nation. Goldman Sachs Group Inc has predicted that overall USD 5 billion revenue will be cut off due to current worsening relation amongst the nation.
China’s Tourism Administration has even published a notice to restricting its tour operators from selling tours to South Korea starting from March 15.

Chinese make up 85 percent of tourists to the resort island of Jeju and more over 8 million had visited South Korea last year.

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