China Southern planning to Commence 14 flights a week

China Southern planning to Commence 14 flights a week

Published on: October 5, 2016 

The China Southern has planned to operate 14 flights a week starting from November 14.

The China Southern clogged the flight route from Guangzhou city in South China to Kathmandu and back to Guangzhou for seven months due to the fuel (ATF) crisis during the Indian economic blockade on Nepal.

Recently, China Southern is operating its daily flight at 10 PM, seven flights a week and is enrolling one more flight at 1 PM in the afternoon from Kartik 14 which sums to 14 flights a week as described by the officials of the Airlines.

The China Southern which runs Airbus 319 to its route to Kathmandu initiated its scheduled flight from 2063 B.S. operating two daily flights before the recent earthquake that occurred in 2072 B.S.

The time required to reach from Guangzhou to Kathmandu is about four hours and forty-five minutes whose prominent travelers are mostly businessmen from both the cities.

Besides the China Southern Airlines, other three airlines which consist of China eastern routing from Kunming City to Kathmandu and back to Kunming, Air China routing from Chengdu to Lhasa and then to Kathmandu and finally Sichuan Airlines run their scheduled flights but China Southern Airlines is considered the biggest Asian Airlines and fifth largest in the world as it operates in forty different countries with two thousand daily flights. In addition to that, it reaches at one hundred and ninety destinations along with six hundred aircraft carrying its passengers and cargo.

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