Chinese President Visit unofficially confirmed; another Being 747 Jumbo Jet landed TIA

Kathmandu, ANN

The official visit of Chinese President of Nepal is now certain as two of the Air China’s Jumbo Jets have made secret landings at Tribhuvan International Airport recently. Another Boeing 747-400F  Cargo aircraft landed Kathmandu yesterday at 01:20 PM. 

A highly placed source has revealed that the cargo aircraft was carrying 2 Bulletproof Limos and 2 other high tech security vehicles that were disembarked at Kathmandu. The vehicles would be used by the Chinese President in his visit to Kathmandu. The jumbo jet aircraft had then departed at 04:20 PM from Kathmandu. The vehicles have been dispatched to Chinese Embassy with escorting for now.

Air China Boeing 747 Test landing at TIA for President’s visit

Another Boeing 747 passenger aircraft had landed Kathmandu on October 02 last week. The aircraft had landed Kathmandu at 01:30 PM and departed 3:00 PM. The aircraft landed Kathmandu for the test landing at Tribhuvan International Airport. The test flight must have been successful as the second aircraft has now landed with security vehicles. 

Air China Boeing 747 Cargo at TIA for president Visit - Aviation Nepal
Air China Boeing 747 Cargo at TIA for president Visit – Aviation Nepal

A lot of preparations are going on in Kathmandu for the visit of President Xi Jinping. The roads are being repaired, parks have been developed overnight by the government for his visit. The Public have been accusing government that these developments are temporary and made to put dust in the eyes of Chinese President. However, the government is continuing this unappreciable act every time a high official wants to visit Kathmandu.

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