Christiano Ronaldo’s Private Jet incident story

Christiano Ronaldo’s Private Jet incident story

September 30, 2016 – Kathmandu

Christiano Ronaldo’s private jet made a narrow escape from a big disaster as the landing gears of the aircraft tore apart during landing impact in Barcelona. The Portuguese’s 15 Million Pound worth aircraft that was bought a year ago by Ronaldo was landing El Prat Airport when the incident occurred Monday evening.

The aircraft is a Gulfstream G200 series customized private jet which Ronaldo has been using for his private purposes and sometimes leased for private clients. The incident occurred in a flight that was leased by some private company so Ronaldo himself and no one of his family member were on board the aircraft during the incident.

Christiano Ronaldo - Aviation Nepal
G200 series aircraft of Christiano Ronaldo at Barcelona Airport after landing gear collapsed during landing.

The nose landing gear of the aircraft broke upon the touch down on the runway immediately after the impact according to the eyewitnesses. All the emergency services were mobilized at the airport but the incident didn’t turn into major bad consequence. Nobody on board was hurt and the aircraft was slightly damaged.

However, the El Prat aiort was closed for a short time following the incident and proper emergency services were immediately provided.

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