CIAA to Investigate against CAAN’s Director General on various allegations


The Commission of Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), Nepal has begun its investigation against the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) Mr. Sanjiv Gautam.

Preliminarily, Gautam had been charged with more than a dozen of complaints. The Authorities are now under the subtle investigation against the seven consequential allegations that has been dispensed to Mr. Gautam. The CIAA has asked all the related documents against the allegations with CAAN for the investigation, stated Mr. Padam Prasad Pandey, Spokesperson for CIAA, Nepal.

CIAA is investigating various issues related to the tender and land acquisition process of Pokhara Regional International Airport and also the over acquisition of land for construction of Gautam Buddha International Airport resulting more than Rs24 Arab of economic pressure to the Government of Nepal.

Likewise, CIAA is also scrutinizing the irregularity of land acquisition for Pokhara Regional International Airport, improper deployment of officials from Civil Aviation Authority and the erratic compensation distribution for the acquired land.

Mr. Gautam has been charged with numerous accusations so, CIAA is initiating investigation according to priority list. Gautam in coordination with Pokhara Regional International Airport project manager Mr. Pradeep Adhikari had dispensed more compensation for the land without roads and less compensation for land with roads. The charges have arrived against this decision.

CIAA has received charges following deception on national pride project. As been reported, four charges have been filed relating to the broader irregularity in Pokhara Regional International Airport Project. Majority of the charges filed to DG Gautam includes the Pokhara Airport project. Moreover, CIAA is also investigating about the unnecessary evaluations on land acquisition made by Gautam which has resulted loss of over Rs24 arab for the Government.

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