Civil Aviation Authority Of Nepal (CAAN) And Its Aim Of Establishment

Civil Aviation Authority Of Nepal (CAAN) And Its Aim Of Establishment


Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) was established on 31 Dec, 1998. It is one of the major regulatory organ of the government which has been established with the motto of making the aviation field of our nation safe ,standard, reliable as well as efficient too as per the rules and direction of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The prime goal of CAAN is to create sustainability of flight safety. It issues new pilot licenses, engineer licenses, renew licenses and convert licenses from one rank to other through several exams and tests.


It consists of Director General Specialist group, Management group, Aviation Technical and Airport Management group, Air Transportation and Air Traffic Services group, Aviation Security group, Engineering Department, Finance department, Aviation Safety department, Administration Department and so on.

To develop and expand the civil aviation of Nepal by the expansion of civil aviation services at the national and international level. For the development of air communication and air navigation too, CAAN plays vital role. It’s function is to permit the airlines operation, carry out the Air Service Agreement (ASA) with several countries, Operate and carryout maintenance of airports with required communication and navigation facilities. Any aircraft that airlines buy need to go through strong tests such as flight safety record, proving flights, inspection etc conducted by CAAN and so on.

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