Closed mountain flight to resume soon

Mountain flights from Biratnagar Airport at Province number 1 which had been closed recently is stated to be resumed soon.

The airport closed mountain flights around a month and half ago following adverse weather effect.

Previously, Biratnagar airport commenced mountain flights weekly from November 24, 2018. Mountain flights was started on the initiative of Birat Holidays and Tourism and Travels Association.

Bhabis Kumar Shrestha, Chairman of Birat Holidays and tourism stated that the mountain flights have been closed for 2 months as the flights were procuring problems due to bad weather and the flight is set to be resumed from mid-February onwards.

Previously 4 mountain flights was conducted and the flight was halted and had planned to continue the flight around couple of week ago but was unable to resume following frequent change in weather.

Shrestha stated that they will be operating flights very soon and 2 flights have also already been booked.

The mountain flight from Biratnagar was started from late November last year. The flights are scheduled weekly on Saturday.

The cost of mountain flights is cheaper than mountain flights from Kathmandu as it charges Rs 9900 for around 1 hour flight from Biratnagar. The mountain flights from Kathmandu is charged NRs 11,635. The flight cost around 156 USD for foreigners.

The mountain flights featuring Sagarmatha, Lhotsey, Kanchanjunga, Makalu was started targeting the tourists from India, Bhutan and Bangladesh from Biratnagar airport.

Previously also mountain fight was conducted from Biratnagar by Yeti Airlines however it couldn’t get continuity.

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