Colombian president’s helicopter  was attacked by gunfire

In Colombia, South America, a helicopter carrying the president and other senior government officials was attacked by gunfire.

President Ivan Duke stated that a helicopter was shot down near the Venezuelan border in the Catatumbo region.

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He said that all board authorities, including Defense Minister Diego Molano and Interior Minister Daniel Palacios, are safe.

Attacks on a helicopter transporting a country’s president are very uncommon. According to the Associated Press, Duke did not specify when or where the assault occurred.

“I would like to tell the country that President Duke’s chopper was attacked as he approached Kukuta after his commitment to Catatumbo,” President Duke stated in a statement.

He asserts that the helicopter’s capabilities averted a catastrophic accident. Bullet marks on a chopper are seen in a video provided by the president’s office.

Numerous armed factions are operating in the vicinity of the purported assault on the president’s helicopter.

President Duke described the assault as “effective” and vowed to continue his battle against drug trafficking, terrorism, and organized crime.

“The message is that Colombia has always been a strong opponent of crime and that our institutions are impregnable,” he said.

Earlier this month, a vehicle bomb detonated at an army camp in Kukuta.

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