Commercial advertisements to be removed from the airport zone

The government has been preparing to eradicate commercial advertisements from airport and replace it with the promotion of natural beauty of Nepal for which the regulations have been introduced. As per the information from the official, the regulations is all set but is yet to be implemented.

The commercial advertisements placed at the various areas of the airport will be kept until the contract period and then will be removed.

Previously, the government had shaped a task force to organize a policy regarding publishing advertisements on Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) including other airports around the country.

The authority had decided appropriate position for commercial advertising and has specified that all types of advertisements placed on the airport must be tourism-friendly.

MoCTCA, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and representatives of airport are the members of the committee. MoCTCA has been trying hard to remove various commercial advertisements placed on the airport and to post advertisement which makes Nepal’s identity visible and tourism-friendly but has not been able to implement it so far.

The aeronautical revenue in Foreign International Airport is 30 per cent and non-aeronautical is 70 per cent whereas in Nepal’s context, the aeronautical income is 90 per cent while the non-aeronautical income is just 10 per cent, this needs to be changed change. Non-aeronautical income of airports relates to the lease or operation of duty-free and specialty retail outlets, restaurants and other airport services such as currency exchange or luggage wrapping.

According to Deepak Raj Joshi, CEO of Nepal Tourism Board, the visitors who come to the only international airport of Nepal, could see the picture of Nepal’s identity-visible image. He further added that the board will keep digital advertising related to identity and tourism, even though the space has been opened by the airport.

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