Constructing Pokhara International Airport is still on its way after recent earthquakes

Constructing Pokhara International Airport is still on its way after recent earthquakes

After the devastating earthquake that took place in April 25, many people usually witness collapsed buildings, ruined houses everywhere. Though the earthquake hit hard and destruction took place, on the bright side, our nation has not stopped the process of development and construction. Current undergoing construction project of Pokhara Regional International Airport is an example of it.

The Airport committee has speeded up its compensation program for those who faced eminent domain. The process of distributing compensation to the leased land owner is speeding up. “Just for the purpose of compensation distribution, a total of 1.5 billion rupees has been released by the Ministry of Finance on Monday” said by Pradeed Adhikari, head engineer of Pokhara International Airport planning committee. The stack of application are being filled to withdraw the money but the distribution process may take 2-3 days to set the plan on action.

Unsatisfied owner have been commenting about the unfair pricing but they started to file application this week. Most of the land owner are in the process to receive their second stage compensation. The government informed regarding application process but about 13 land owners are in abroad and out of contact to file their claim.

The plan of estimating value of land were in hand of Chief District Officer Krishna BahadurRaut’s and his team. An estimated of 335 ropani land was valued about 48 to 64 lakh per ropani after verifying the land either have access to the road or not. The land with no access to road were valued at 20 lakh per ropani.

C.D.O Krishna Bahadur Raute xpresses his happiness and state that this is a good thing. The process of construction is on its way now, after the respected parties and corresponding put hand in hand and worked together. After the earthquake they did delayed to portray information but now the process is on its way and running smoothly. We all did experience the problems of having only one access ground. The deciding parties did get the reminder and felt the necessity to set the plan on action. He further state, “Our nation will be in great problem if Tribhuvan International Airport had to suffer the aftermath of the earthquake. So, to build the second International Airport is in our top priority.”

China is investing 29 arab rupees at 0.7 percent interest rate but the official deal is yet to be finalized. The delay is result of the chaos caused by earthquake. According to CAAN, the final papers will signed within one and half months.Chinese team have already surveyed and tested soil of the building site. Excluding design time frame the Chinese Company CMC estimated the airport will be constructed within 3 years.

The official of CAAN and the CMC first met on 22 May 2014. Final signature on loan procedure agreement papers will put the construction on motion.

Photo Courtesy : ekantipur

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