Construction company found using low quality materials at Nijgadh International Airport project

The materials used for the construction of base for fence pillars of Nijgadh International Airport has found to be low in the quality.

According to myRepublica, AJL Nirman Sewa, the construction company has used low quality materials to build pillars.

Om Sharma, Director of the project stated that the company must have done this to make more money.

AJL Nirman Sewa, the construction company was awarded the agreement of constructing fence for protection of the proposed airport. The agreement was signed between the government and the company stating that the concrete pillars of 8 feet tall with concertized base standing 2.5 meters.

According to the pact, the company must construct fence with 14 kilometer stretch on the southern side of allocated land from Pasah river to Baal Ganga river.

Previously, the company has requested to extend the project by 6 months though it committed to complete the work by the month of May, 2018. But the company failed to complete the work in given time even after the deadline was extended.

In the other side, Adhirlal Joshi, Proprietor of AJL Nirman Sewa informed that the work is likely to be completed within 5 months.

Bijay Yadav, Engineer of the project states that the construction work has achieved 60 per cent physical progress till now despite of deadline extension.

Nijgadh International Airport will be constructed at Tangiya of Nijgadh using both private and government land.

Local people from Tangiya and Katghau residential area should be transferred for construction of Nijgadh International Airport. The process for searching appropriate land for transferring local has been started.

Om Narayan Sharma, the project head stated that the survey is being conducted for studying the necessary lands for transfer of residential area. “The residential area will be shifted to a place where there are no forests and we have started discussing with local people for land acquisition, he added.

There are around 1476 houses at Tangiya area. According to the plan, the runway will be constructed in Tangiya area. Chief Sharma said that the agreement for cutting down the tress has been done with Nepalese Army.

The airport will be developed in three phases. The first phase, as per the detailed feasibility study (DFS) of the project, will be of 10 years; the second phase will be of 5 years, and the third or final phase will be of 25 years.

The project envisions building a modern airport in Nijgadh in Bara district, 175 km from Kathmandu in the southern plains.

In the first phase, two years will be spent for site clearance works, and then another five years will be spent on constructing the airport that will have 3,600-meter-long and 60-meter-width runway. According to the DFS of the Landmark Worldwide Company (LMW) of South Korea, after the first phase of the construction is complete, the airport will be able to handle 15 million passengers annually and accommodate the Airbus A380 super jumbo.

By the end of the third phase, the airport will have a parallel runway enabling it to handle 60 million passengers annually. If built, the Nijgadh International Airport will be an air hub joining 27 Asian cities and generate over 100,000 jobs, according to LMW report.

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