Construction of Dipayal Airport still in doubt

Negligence by contractors has left the construction of Dipayal airport in quandary.

The construction work has also been delayed as the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) fails to decide whether to extend the deadline or not.

CAAN Engineer stated that the blacktopping work is still left and the construction work did not finish at the specific time as CAAN has not decided to extend the date yet.

Similarly, the construction work of Patan Airport at Baitadi has been delayed for a long time. The construction work of Sanfebagar Airport began in May of 2018 and conducted a test flight successfully while the construction work has been altered due to delay in the construction work of Dipayal and Patan airports.

The due date for Patan Airport expired a couple of months ago and authority has not extended the time for contractors whereas 6 months time was extended for Dipayal airport and even after the completion of extended time the construction was not completed so CAAN has not extended their deadline. Sherpa Gyalbo company was appointed as contractor for construction of Dipayal Airport.

The cost of Dipayal airport project was 50 million Rupees whereas the cost of Patan airport was One hundred and ten million Rupees.

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