Construction of Doti airport gets paced up

The blacktopping project of Dipayal airport is being paced up about one year after the scheduled time for commencing the construction work.

The construction work of this airport had not able to paced up. Sanfebagar airport conducted test flight after the completion of the construction work which started its construction with Dipayal airport.

Sapna Gyalba JB Construction Company stated that the construction work of the runway has reached in the final phase.

The construction company informed that the construction of drainage and fencing around the airport zone has been already completed whereas the blacktopping work is likely to complete in the month of February.

The bid with Sapna Gyalba JB Construction Company was approved in NRs. 60 million for the construction work of the airport.

Local urged that though the construction work of the airport was expected to complete by June 2018, due to the negligence of contractors, the construction of Dipayal airport was in quandary.

Rajendra Khadka, Ward Chairman of Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality-2 stated that local people are pleased with the commencement of the construction work of the airport having 495m long and 20 m wide runway.

He also said that the construction work was supposed to complete earlier however the locals are delighted with the development work despite of delay in the project.

Previously, the government started the blacktopping of Doti airport with budget of NRs.80 million under initiative of a member of National Representative Council, Prem Bahadur Ale magar.

During Maoist revolution, the airport halted its daily operation and from 2062 BS it was fully closed.

Dipayal Airport was established 12 years ago and is the oldest in the entire far-west region. After services at the airport were disrupted citing ‘temporary halt’, the airport is yet to resume operation, except for when ministers fly here.

Citizens from Doti, Dadeldhura, Achham and Bajura are expected to receive services from the airport after it comes into operation. Also tourist number is expected to be increased afterwards the completion of construction.

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