Construction work of Gautam Buddha Int’l Airport to resume next week

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Construction work of Gautam Buddha Int’l Airport to resume next week

March 22, 2017

The halted constructional work of Gautam Buddha International Airport is set to resume from next week after the Chinese contractor and the local suppliers reached four-point agreement.

The construction work was brought down since last Thursday due to the dispute between the local suppliers and the Chinese contractor. The local suppliers were demanding the contractor to provide their pending payment.

Om Sharma, project manager of the airport project, said that the dispute between the two sides has now been resolved so; the work will be resumed from coming Tuesday after the Chinese contractor evaluates the works and pays accordingly to the local suppliers.

Almost half a dozen of suppliers have been working with the Chinese contractor on the airport project. The evaluation of the works completed by those suppliers including North West Infra Nepal was initiated yesterday. The agreement states that evaluation of works will be completed in five days and contractor has to make payment within two days of the completion of evaluation.

The agreement was succeeded only after the involvement of governmental bodies; The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.



Only 25 percent of the project has been completed till now however; the project is estimated to be completed by June next year.

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