Construction work of Sagarmatha Airport to commence shortly

The observation of the proposed site for the construction of Sagarmatha Airport at Jogidaha of Udayapur was completed today.

Jagadish Kusait, Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment of Province 1 stated that the construction work will be initiated very soon.

Minister Kusait also announced that the plan for constructing proposed Sagarmatha Airport at Jogidaha of Udayapur will be completed in three years.

He also said that the provincial government and the government at the federal level are going to work on allocating budget for the construction project as he has received word from Prime Minister for budget and after allocating budget, the construction work will start shortly.

Minister said that from locals to PA members agree that the province require an airport for many purposes and there will not be any problem in the construction work. Himal Karki, Udayapur Constituency 1 Provincial Assembly member stated that though the project was planned long ago, it was delayed as there was no understanding from Forest office side.

Previously, the construction work at initial stage was clogged as local protested against the construction of airport by cutting down trees from the local community forest. After the protest, Triyuga Municipality mulled to use the wasted lands along Triyuga and Luhale rivers for the proposed Sagarmatha Airport.

Mayor of Triyuga Municipality, Baldev Chaudhary stated that the municipality was making an arrangement to submit a proposal the government to construct the airport on the wasted lands of riverbank.

More than 2,000 hectares of land has turned into riverbank, said Chaudhary. According to the source, such decision of municipality was supported by the concerned officials and locals.

The airport will have a 200-meter-long with 60-meter-wide runway as per the plan. Apart from the runway, land is needed to build terminal building, staff quarter, taxi ways and other required infrastructures.

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