Continued Security Negligence at TIA EOD Gate

After a lot that went through and passage of extreme hurdles, TIA Authority had finally made a built-up area to properly scan and monitor the entry, exit and passage of daily staffs and their vehicles through EOD Gate Entrance on the Eastern side of TIA. However, the security checkpoint for this passage is still making a blunder in proper checking and passage of vehicles from the EOD gate.

It has been found that the two-wheelers and four wheelers used by the people using EOD Gate of TIA are simply overlooked by the security personnel. The people with vehicle entering from this gate park their vehicles a few meters away from the check point. But it is amazing that the vehicles have to never pass through the security check and they can simply penetrate the entrance towards the parking. Only the individuals using the entrance pass through the security check and scan, the vehicles simply enter and proceed to parking.

Because this gate is the direct entrance to TIA restricted zones, all the vehicles and passages must be thoroughly checked before it enters the area. However, the security personnel are not taking this issue as a matter of concern, and hence allowing the easy passage of vehicles. This kind of negligence in the restricted area of the only international airport can provoke many security issued that has happened time and again in this airport.

On December 24, 1999 an Indian Airlines flight, flight number IC 814 was scheduled to land in Delhi. But the aircraft was hijacked just after it took off from Kathmandu. Later after the investigation, it clarified that the negligence of improper security checkup at TIA had resulted in the hijack of the aircraft. Indian airlines had canceled all of its flight to TIA after the incident occurred and Civil Aviation Authorities in India had also fired all of the Nepali workers from their duties in the airport.

Also analyzing the current ongoing gold smuggle scam at TIA which also has been resulted due to the improper security checkup at Sinamangal NAC oil depot corridor as revealed by the Nepal Polices investigation.

At one hand EU has blacklisted Nepal’s aviation industry raptly doubting the security concern and airport security authorities at the other hand have still been examined to be neglecting the proper checkups and other security responsibilities can be the major concern for further deterioration of Nepal’s aviation safety.

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