Continuous Downpour invites flooding of Biratnagar Airport (PHOTO FEATURE)


Passengers travelling to Biratnagar have been compelled to cancel their flights due to flooding of Biratnagar Domestic Airport. According to Air Traffic Control at Biratnagar airport, incessant heavy rains today led to water-logging at the Biratnagar Domestic Airport (BIR/VNVT) airport in Biratnagar, Morang District, causing inconvenience to passengers who waded through knee deep water.

Airport authority says the Biratnagar airport’s arrival and departure zones along with ramp and runway were flooded by the Friday downpour.” He indicated that no flights only Shree Airlines Bombardier CRJ-200 ‘9N-AMA’ was grounded after its proving flight on August 4, 2017, saying “all services of the airport operate as unusual.” The officer also added that flooding has resulted to zero take offs and landing.

At normal days Biratnagar airport conducts around 12-20 flights both charter and commercial making it to be one of the busiest in the region which today has no flights operating due to Airport Flooding.



Photo: Aerodrome Area of Biratnagar Airport

Photo: Flooding seen at Runway of Biratnagar Airport


Photo: Flooding around Ramp of Biratnagar Airport

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