Heart-Touching Story : Contribution of Pilot

Heart-Touching Story : Contribution of Pilot

Abortion of long-haul flight by a pilot at the time of takeoff is a rare kind of incident.

Recently, one of the pilot of Etihad Airways came into light when he decided to abort the takeoff to Australia from Manchester, UK for grief-stricken couple. This kind of act of the pilot has been regarded as exceptional good deed. The pilot took the aircraft back to the terminal that was on the way to taxi to the runway for the takeoff, so that old couple could rush to the hospital for telling goodbye to their dying grandson.

Travel Agent Ms. Becky Stephenson reported that, the couple was Etihad flight that was bound to Australia via Abu Dhabi at Manchester Airport when they received a text message from their Son-in-law stating that their grandson is in Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

 As soon as, the couple received such shocking news, the cabin crew immediately contacted pilots and one of the pilots decided to abort the flight from taking off so that couple could be deboarded from the aircraft and they could make in time to tell goodbye to their grandson.

Their luggage was unloaded, escorted to the terminal and a cab was arranged for them so that they could rush to the hospital immediately.



It has been reported that their grandson died in the next day after they made in time to see their grandson.

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