Cost estimation & design ready for int’l terminal building at Nepalgunj Airport

The design and cost estimation for the construction of international terminal at Nepalgunj Airport has been prepared. Nepalgunj Airport will undergo enhancement project with the aim of operating international flights so, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) is initiating necessary procedures.

As per the estimation, the international terminal project will require Nrs. 30 crore for which tender announcement will initiate soon.

Nepalgunj Airport chief Prem Thakur said that the tender process would begin shortly as the estimate and design was ready. The international terminal will hold immigration, custom, quarantine, security and other related posts.

It will be easy for CAAN to approach other countries for air route agreement after constructing necessary infrastructures for the Nepalgunj Airport. The international terminal construction project is expected to take 1.5 years for completion.

Besides other enhancement project, the runway of the airport which is 1500 meters long will be extended to 300m in the West and 200m towards the East and along with it other parking bays are set to be upgraded.

The work of adding 6 parking bays that can accommodate ATR 72-500 series aircraft and construction of canteen and waiting rooms are currently under construction.

Nepalgunj Airport is the busiest airport of Nepal in the west which operates 9 flights to Kathmandu. Flights to hilly and mountainous regions are also frequent from this airport.

At present, flights to western and far-western region of the country are being carried out from the airport. And it is one of the busiest domestic airports in Nepal acting as a hub of western Nepal.

Nepal Airlines, Buddha Air, Shree Airlines, and Yeti Airlines are performing flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu (Tribhuvan International Airport) and Tara Air, Sita Air and Summit Air are conducting flight to rural areas from Nepalgunj airport. Around 90 flights during peak seasons are being carried out at the airport.

Private carrier, Buddha Air has already acquired permission to operate flights to New-Delhi from the airport however problems like slot management from Indian side and inadequate infrastructure for international flights from the airport has hold the flights of the carrier.

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